The 14th ACPH IN KUMAMOTO Application for the poster presentation
 The 14th Asian Congress of Health Promotion will be held at Civic Hall Sears Home Yume Hall (Kumamoto Civic Hall) from April 14th to 15th, 2018, having Mr. Taiji Hasuda, the director of Jikei Hospital, as the chairman. The main theme of the congress is “Meeting, Learning and Helping YOU”. In this symposium, we invite experts of practicing “Baby Box: Stork’s Cradle” from all over the world as symposiasts to discuss its foundational principle, significance and meaning, actual situation of and problems in its administration and suggestion for the future.
Simultaneously, as well as the 13 congresses we have held so far, we accept general subjects this time from those who are to participate in the congress. We set the subtheme this time: Sharing Problems Relating to Improvement of Living Environment and QOL of Children. Poster presentation and discussion on this matter are scheduled. We appreciate that many of you working on related studies will participate in the congress. As for those who are scheduled to have presentation, please make your an application of the subject according to the following application guideline.
The top presenter will not question members of the conference or non-members.
However, payment of the participation fee on that day is required.
● Inquiries about admission ●
Department of Public Health, Life Sciences, Kumamoto Universit
1-1-1 Honjo Kumamoto Japan 860-8556
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Practical Measures for the Improvement of Children’s Living Environment and QOL


To discuss local and home living environments which help improve and maintain children’s QOL so as to propose new research and practical activities for future regional development.

3)Presentation style

Your poster will be exhibited at the poster hall during the congress, and an intensive Q&A session will be set for a certain time (1-1.5h)

4)Category / Topics

① Suggestion of research, study and practice of Baby Box.

② Actual growth and development of infants and pupils, with supporting epidemiologic study to clarify the causes shown

③ Practical activities to improve children’s QOL

・Trial of the children restaurant

④ Development & maintenance of the local system to take care of the handicapped children

・Intellectual disability
・Physical handicap
・Development disorder
・Aspects of various development disorders

⑤ The local care system for babies who were born with low weight

⑥ Development of a practical program for school health promotion

⑦ Others


1)Subject registration

It is only registration by mail form.please send the title to the secretariat.
(Subject application: October 31st, 2017)

  • Subject title
  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • E-mail
  • Phone

2)About abstract

Information needed:
Your complete contact information (name, affiliation, street, city, zip, country, phone, fax, and e-mail).

Point of Making abstract

●margins: 35 mm: top, 25 mm: bottom, 25 mm: left and right: sides
●Title: 14pt/ Arial font/Centered
●Name & Affiliation: 12pt/Arial font/ Centered the name should be typed in bold.
●Text Form: 45 letters x 45 lines/ 10.5pt/ Arial font
●Without any figures

※Send the abstract without any figures as an attached file of your e-mail by 31 December,2017

Abstract material(PDF:64.1kb)


Abstract destination

Department of Public Health, Life Sciences, Kumamoto University

3)Abstract manuscript language

English or your native language

4)Subject application deadline

Application for the congress: September 30th, 2017
Subject application: October 31st, 2017
Abstract submission: December 31st, 2017


Department of Public Health, Life Sciences, Kumamoto University
1-1-1 Honjo Kumamoto Japan 860-8556
TEL : +81-96-373-5321, FAX : +81-96+373+5108
Email :